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01252 513811
Unit 13 Belle Vue Enterprise Centre, Aldershot GU12 4QW

Special Projects

Other than installations, repairs and maintenance, we can conduct other jobs. For example, privacy screening and new pier caps

Privacy Screening:

We recently installed a special screening to a customer's property in West London.  The customer wanted the traditional look of their metal gates, but also the benefit of the privacy the screening can offer.  We discussed various options, including metal cladding, opaque glass and eventually it was decided to install an opaque Perspex screening to the gates, railings and pedestrian
gate.  This gives great privacy but also a modern look. 

This screening can be retrofitted onto any gate system and can come in a variety of colours and opaque densities. 

Please contact us on 01252 513811 or use our
contact form to discuss installing privacy screening to your gates.

New Pier Cap
We were commissioned to manufacture and install a replacement pier cap on a site in Central London, where we installed the gates a couple of months ago.  As you can see below, we have matched the new pier cap to the existing pier cap (on the left hand side).  The pier cap was hand made by a company in South Hampshire and creates an impressive entrance, when combined with the new close boarded gate system.

Please contact us on 01252 513811 or use our
contact form
 to speak to us about special commissions.

Gate Installation in a prestigious site.
The removal of a very large wall from a prestigious site required careful planning.  A section of the wall was removed and the railings turned and replaced.  The installation of automated gates finished the job.
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