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Sliding Gates

Our specialised engineers can install all types of automatic gate with a sliding mechanism.   Electric sliding gates can be more secure than other installations as they have fixed housings at each end.  For this reason, automated sliding gates are also considered more practical on windy sites.  More preparation and ground works are required when installing sliding gate automation and this needs to be considered when thinking about the budget for your project.  

We often recommend sliding gate automation systems where there is limited room for swing gates; if the driveway turns sharply and a swing gate would create an obstruction in the driveway or where there is a sloping driveway.  As all systems are unique, we will advise on your specific site.

Electric sliding gates are normally mounted on a rail which supports their weight along the entire length of the run and can therefore span quite wide openings but have to be mounted on a level surface.   Horse owners may prefer not to have the guide rail and our specialist surveyors can discuss the possibilities of using a cantilever system instead.

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