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Gate Safety

Simply Electric Gates takes gate safety extremely seriously.

It is the responsibility of the owner of the gate system to carry out a full risk assessment and we will be more than happy to attend site to assist you in completing this assessment and give any advice with regards any upgrades required.

Our engineers complete safety checks on every visit and it is strongly recommended that these checks are completed at regular intervals.

The following is an extract of the safety checks carried out:

Gate systems with fully automatic operation (A gate that is activated by intercom, radio control, etc with the gate opening and closing within a set time):

Engineers Check:
  • The gate has the correct safety devices to protect all users and passers-by from any potential entrapment points.
  • The gate is operating with the correct forces as stated by the regulations ie the minimum required to enable operation.

Gate systems with semi-automatic operation (A gate that is operated when it receives a signal e.g. a push button being depressed):

Engineers Check:

  • The operator of the gate always has a clear, unobstructed view of all of the gate area.
  • Any sliding gate does not have an entrapment point at its trailing edge.

For all automated systems:

Engineers ensure:

  • The road and pedestrian entrance do not merge putting pedestrians at risk.
  • There are clear signs advising that the gate is automated.
  • The controls are housed in a weatherproof area.
  • That full servicing records are kept and that there is an adequate maintenance contract in place.

Safety Edges:

  • Safety edges are used to protect vulnerable areas of swing and sliding gates, to prevent possible entrapment and/or crushing.  Our skilled engineers and technical survey teams are trained to spot any potential areas and advise you of the relevant safety features for your gates.   All the safety edges we install are Category 2 and the control panel monitors the effectiveness of the edges, preventing the system from operating if a fault occurs, to ensure that the system would not carry on working in an unsafe state.  Safety edges as small as 11mm wide can be fitted (where appropriate) so they do not impact upon the aesthetics of your gate.


Call us on 01252 513811 to discuss a safety assessment of your system.

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