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Barriers and Bollards
With the change in permitted parking controls and the banning of wheel clamping, it is becoming ever more difficult to secure your property against those who would park on your land or obstruct your entrance. We can supply and install a range of manual or automated barriers and bollards.

Barriers are the ideal solution for controlling flow of vehicle traffic through an opening and are usually more suited a commercial site.  

Manual barriers and bollards are a cost effective solution to controlling traffic at set times and can be installed quickly, without the need to run a mains power feed and access control.  

An automated barrier is the answer when you want to control vehicles entering and exiting your site to ensure authorised access only.  We can install the same commands on your barrier as an automated gate: loops for exit, keypads for coded entry and remote controls or proximity fob readers for your staff.  We can work with access control companies to allow your existing door readers to be expanded to encompass the new barrier.  

Barriers can be set to close automatically after a vehicle has left the safety cover, to prevent tailgating through the opening, or be held open at set times, such as a busy morning period, via a programmable time clock.  

Whilst barriers can be made to fit any size opening 7m tends to be maximum.  If required, we can install two barriers to cover a wider opening.  Skirts can be installed above and below the barrier to create a larger visual area, thus preventing pedestrians ducking under or climbing over and potentially damaging the system or causing an accident. 

All our automated barriers have the correct level of safety cover to ensure that obstructions are detected.   We would always advise that a separate pedestrian access is considered when installing an automated traffic barrier.  

We install barriers manufactured by Faac, Came and EMS, to name a few.  We will always specify the most appropriate barrier and control equipment for your site. 


The bollard becoming an effective traffic and parking control solution.  We can install automatic bollards, manual bollards, folding bollards, or retractable bollards to suit your requirements.

Bollards can be easily integrated with your existing security gate.  They can be installed in front or behind the gate to provide extra security and reassurance that the gate cannot be easily forced opened by an unwanted intruder in a vehicle. 

Commercial Maintenance and installations.  Contact us on 01252 513811 or use our Contact form.
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